From Our Founder: iThrive’s Origin Story

01/20/17 Dorothy Batten

In my life I’ve endured bullying, natural disasters, divorce, cancer in the family, accidents, surgeries, physical disability, and two near-death experiences. Still, I consider myself lucky. My life has never come to a standstill, and I have always picked myself up and moved forward. I’ve sometimes wondered, what is it that makes me resilient? For […]

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Design to Thrive: The MAGFest 2017 Game Jam

01/13/17 Jane Lee

The halls were alive with the sound of electric guitars and dancing Pikachus… …and amidst the levity and chaos, 28 game enthusiasts (many wearing delightfully goofy hats) gathered in the ballroom to tackle the question: How do we embed positive psychology into games? This was the game jam that iThrive hosted last week at MAGFest […]

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Video Games Can Boost Empathy

01/6/17 Michelle Bertoli & Heidi McDonald

Note: This article is the first in a series that captures game industry experts’ opinions on game titles and mechanics that might boost players’ positive habits, mindsets, and skills. These insights arose from discussions at an iThrive-sponsored think tank with game developers and scholars. Researchers and policy advocates have spent decades tallying the dangers of […]

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Why Do Teens Play Video Games?

12/16/16 Isaac Handley-Miner

97% of American teens play video games. You’d be hard-pressed to find many other activities that 97% of teens do. Maybe school and sleep. Maybe. So what is it about video games that appeals to nearly all teens? Well, to get the obvious out of the way, video games are play, and play is fun. […]

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Thriving Teens Use Their Superpowers

12/9/16 Michelle Bertoli

Discovering and using strengths is a path to teen thriving. Teens have superpowers. Need evidence? Consider Malala Yousafzai. At just 15, she defied the Taliban by insisting on her (and all girls’) right to go to school. The Taliban shot her in the head, and she survived. Then, she strode right back into the classroom […]

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