Live Action Role Playing To Support Healthy Teen Development

12/12/18 Ben Schwartz

The summer I was 14, I saved the world for the first time. I also attempted to destroy it, spied on the Illuminati, and journeyed into the underworld, all in the span of two weeks. That’s what happens when you go off to a summer camp for live action role playing or “larping.” I went […]

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The Power of Teens

12/3/18 Susan Rivers

iThrive co-designs games with teens, educators, mental health experts, and professional game developers to discover how play and design can empower teens to thrive. But why do we care about teens? First of all, we know teens face tremendous pressures. Just a few of them are: Anxiety and depression are on the rise Inequities in […]

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Game Culture Is As Important As the Game

11/13/18 Josué Cardona

Do you floss? I’m talking about the dance, not dental hygiene, and I think everyone should at least know one reason flossing is so popular. I recently learned to floss because my 7-year-old niece and I disagreed on how it’s done. Who was right doesn’t matter. What does matter is that my 7-year-old niece knows […]

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The 2018 Design Hive: Plenty of Buzz, and a Real Bee

10/12/18 Heidi McDonald

iThrive Design Hives are annual retreats with veteran game developers and scholars in the field. The iThrive team, along with these folks, works to identify best practices in game design, on various topics, after we review the scientific literature around components of social and emotional well-being. We seek to produce resources that support the design […]

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About iThrive’s Journal of Games, Self, and Society

09/21/18 iThrive Games

Journal of Games, Self, & Society (JGSS) is a peer-reviewed journal created and edited by iThrive Games and published by ETC Press. The goal of JGSS is to encourage interdisciplinary research, conversation, and community around games-related scholarship. The journal highlights work focused on how games, game design, and gameplay contribute to a deeper understanding of […]

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